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Commercial lifestyle photography at ASK Italian

Commercial lifestyle photography at ASK Italian


Sometimes during a shoot there’s an opportunity to do a little bit more than was in the original brief.  Here’s an example.

Last week I was at ASK Italian restaurant in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, covering the final of the pizza flaring competition they were holding (to save you having to ask, that’s where a pizza base is stretched by hand and tossed in the air to get it to the right size and thickness).  I had to get shots of the four contestants in action, a portrait of the winner with the trophy and some images of the judges (including celebrity chef Theo Randall).  Standard PR stuff, and the subject of another post in the future.

But there was also time afterwards to create some other images.  Shots of things around the restaurant that caught my eye.  Snapshots, mood setters, details – all the things that come under the category of ‘lifestyle’.  You see these images everywhere – on billboards, in menus, advertisements, etc.  They convey a mood in a single image, or series of images.








Increasingly, I create images like these for websites, or social media use.  Put together with interior photography, to show a workspace, offices or business, they put across a feeling of a company’s ethos in a quick but effective way.

I’m always interested in talking to people about interesting new projects.  If you’re in the process of updating your business image and would like to discuss how imagery can help, please get in touch.