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Getting graphic and abstract on a photoshoot

Getting graphic and abstract on a photoshoot


I guess this post follows on from, and develops on the theme, of last week.

Every commercial shoot that I undertake has a brief.  I never just ‘turn up and snap away’ – every commission is discussed in advance, planned and shot to a particular set of ideas.  Because without that advance planning, the photos that I take might not fulfil what you want them for.  PR photos, for instance, serve a very different purpose to lifestyle images (just read last week’s post for a bit more on that).  Fashion and beauty photos are intended to show off … well, fashion or beauty products .. : even a portrait isn’t as simple and straightforward as it might first seem (scroll back through some of the posts on portraits and their intended usage for lots on this topic!).

But sometimes an image presents itself that is worth taking just for the sake of it.

My own tastes are wide-ranging, but I do love a bit of simplicity and minimalism.  If I can strip a photograph down to as few elements as possible, the more I like it.  Simplicity is simply beautiful in my eyes.

I was recently commissioned by the Hale Karate Club again; the brief was to create images to promote the junior classes.   No problem – some wide shots showing the class being taught; moving in closer to get expressions, gestures and stances; ending with portraits of individuals, pairs and groups.

But during the session I kept composing simple, graphic images in the viewfinder.  They didn’t quite fit into the brief, but they appeal to me.





They say ‘karate’ but they’re also abstract – I think that’s why I like them.  They’re also anonymous, so they’re not tied in to a particular group or set of members.

Images like this have a use in certain areas particularly – all that negative space is crying out for a logo, some description … any kind of text really.  So they’d be great for a flyer, a header, a business card, or a dozen other uses.

Are you looking for graphic images?  Something that suggests rather than screams?  I’d love to discuss your ideas with you if you are; you can contact me via the contact form or phone number at the top of the page.