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Mirror photos | PR and product photography for White Rose

Mirror photos | PR and product photography for White Rose

The phone call went something like this.  “How do you feel about driving over to Doncaster and shooting some mirrors?”

“Photographs of mirrors.  Interesting …….”

Because, if you think about it, it is …… interesting …… trying to shoot a reflective surface isn’t it?

The call was from my friend and colleague John, of JWC PR.  His client, who owned a make up and beauty school, had bought some brand new Hollywood mirrors (the things with lights around the edge, like you see in theatre changing rooms).  John was writing a story about them, because they were brand new on the market and top-of-the-range.  Just how do you take a photo of a mirror, without it turning into a self-portrait?

On the other hand, I can’t resist a challenge, so off to Doncaster I went …..

I’ve spent a lot of my time as a professional photographer shooting in a documentary style.  Basically, I tell the story of an event (a wedding, party or other occasion) through a series of photographs that chronicle what happened.  That approach stood me in good stead for tackling this particular assignment; I was present for an entire afternoon in the beauty school while the students worked on creating a ‘glamour look’ for an evening out.  I took some standard shots of the mirrors, using make up bags to show scale, and then shot the students in action.  To my mind, these images work far better than a static product shot – the soft light of the bulbs on the skin, showing off the make up skills, are far more effective in showing what the mirrors are designed for.  Plus, with all those reflections, and lights to shoot through and around, there is the possibility to create some more interesting abstract images.

make up mirror photo

make up and mirror photo

mirror photo in make up school

white rose make up artist

make up school reflected in mirror photo

make up school using Hollywood mirrors

mirror photo at make up school


If you have an unusual product that you want photographing, or a story that wants telling through photographs, please get in touch.  I’m always interested in something a bit out of the ordinary, and working out a way to show it off in great professional photos.