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PR photos for a local award winner

PR photos for a local award winner

Today I’m going to give you an insight into the world of PR photography.


Here’s how it usually happens.  I receive a  call from a PR company.  Often, it’s someone I know and have worked with before; occasionally, it’s someone I’ve never met, and usually that’s because they’re based in London or the South East.  In the latter circumstance, that’s often because I’ve been recommended to them or occasionally just because a quick look through this blogsite will show you that I shoot a lot of PR work, and I’m good at it.

After checking that I’m available on a certain date at a certain time, a brief is sent over.  This is a quick overview of the event I need to attend, and a list of the shots that I need to take.  A good PR agency has already figured out the kind of publicity it needs to get for its client, and the kinds of publications (including social media) it’s going to try to get into.

I’ll attend the event, perhaps meeting a person from the PR company, or sometimes alone (especially if the agency is not local).  I’ll take the shots needed, get them processed asap and send them to the agency.

And that’s pretty much the process.  The event might be an award being given, a ribbon being cut, a book signing … the list goes on and on.

On this occasion, my brief had come from Lucre PR agency in London.  They were acting on behalf of Dulux Paints, who were giving six awards of Dulux Trade Master to painter/decorators who had attained levels of excellence in their job, including areas such as outstanding customer service.

The North West Trade Master is Darren Whitfield, who I met at a client’s house, which Darren had recently painted.  The brief from Lucre was pretty straightforward – a range of portraits of Darren for sending out to different media, a range of poses, both looking at camera and ‘in action’.  As the award was sponsored by Dulux, some inclusion of their paint in the shots would be good too. We sell tickets on line and by telephone.  So that’s what we did …







If you’re looking for a seriously good decorator you can check out Darren and contact him at awhitfieldandson.co.uk.

And if you’re looking for good PR photographs please get in touch!