product photography on location in factory

Product photography on location?  Don’t you shoot product in a studio?

Well yes, on the whole I do.  Whether it’s the set-up-a-white-background-eBay-style stuff that people want, or clean, simple photos on a different background, usually I do shoot product in a studio.  Because product photography is about showing what the product looks and feels like.  The photos are trying to recreate the impression you’d get by walking into a shop and actually handling the goods.  Close ups, details, and clean, clear, uncluttered images do that job very nicely.

But occasionally, something different is requested.  And that’s when the fun starts.

I shoot industrial lighting for a supplier.  It’s usually bought and used in warehouses, factories and other industrial or commercial properties.  Late last year I was asked if I’d be happy visiting a location to shoot the lighting in situ, rather than unboxing it in the studio and showing off all the fine details.  And of course, yes I was.  Because it’s great to get out on location and deal with what you’re presented with.  It’s a very different way of thinking and working than in the studio, where you have total control over everything.  Out on location, you have to deal with what’s there, and make it work for the story you want the photos to tell.

Which is how I ended up in an Edwardian factory (possibly Victorian) that manufactures ovens on Merseyside, donning the safety boots and hi viz, putting in the ear plugs (factories can be very loud), and looking for the best angles and shots.

What these photos do, that studio product shots don’t, is show the effect of the lighting in the building.  You can see how much light they put out and how even it is.  You get a sense of the actual extent and quality of the light in a way that you don’t from a label that simply gives you a wattage rating.

Which is another way of marketing your product isn’t it?  By showing the benefits to your customers, rather than simply listing the features of your product.  And that’s a great way to market your goods.

photo of industrial lighting in oven manufacturing factory photo of man operating industrial machinery under bright strip lighting interior of industrial factory with strip lighting visible

As a photographer I understand the impact that great images have on your marketing message.  That’s why I’m always happy to speak to people about a campaign they are planning, or to help them firm up marketing ideas.  Feel free to get in touch if you’ve a project planned and could do with discussing your ideas.