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Category: branding and product

Mirror photos | PR and product photography for White Rose

The phone call went something like this.  “How do you feel about driving over to Doncaster and shooting some mirrors?” “Photographs of mirrors.  Interesting …….” Because, if you think about it, it is …… interesting …… trying to shoot a reflective surface isn’t it? The call was from my friend and colleague John, of JWC…
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Product photography for Loving Foods

This job was, I admit, a bit of a departure for me.  When I’m asked what I do for a living my response is, “I’m a photographer …… mostly of people.”  Well, as you can see, there are absolutely no people in any of these shots. Product photography requires a particular set of skills, especially…
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Commercial lifestyle photography | Re Enhance

What exactly is commercial lifestyle photography, and how is it different to a headshot or portrait photography? The word ‘lifestyle’ suggests the photos are more relaxed, shot in an informal, less posed manner.  A good example are these images from a recent shoot for Martin, the owner of Re-Enhance in Hale.  He contacted me for…
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