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Commercial building photos for Cheshire Warehousing

A recent commission of some commercial building photos for Cheshire Warehousing. You can work out exactly what kind of business Cheshire Warehousing is by the name can’t you?  They contacted me earlier in the summer, wanting new photos of their Winsford warehouse for a new website that was being built by the Web Studio.  A…
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Commercial Building Photography | Altrincham Business Park

I seem to be spending more and more time engaged in  commercial building photography these days, and I’m getting a real taste for it.  Whether it’s an old or new building, recently refurbished or desperately in need of a makeover, I’m finding the challenge and enjoyment of making a building look its best is something…
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Building photography | Development properties in Sandbach

This post follows on from this previous post; more photographs of two development sites in Sandbach for property company MyPad.  As with the previous posts on their acquisitions, the first property is another rundown Grade II listed building, in need of a substantial but sympathetic refurbishment.  It’s a former dairy farm (though a rather small…
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Commercial interiors photography in Handforth

Here are the first photographs taken of the new development of luxury houses built in Handforth by MyPad Developments. In discussion before the shoot, the client and I agreed that we’d try to give the photographs a lifestyle feel, rather than the often soulless shots that can be taken by estate agents.  We wanted to…
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Commercial building photography | Development sites for MyPad

In the autumn I started working for MyPad Developments, a new property development company based in the North West.  What appealed to me about them was they weren’t a run-of-the-mill developer, buying up bundles of land to build anonymous identikit estates on; no, they were doing something far more interesting.  (See this post for an…
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