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Category: commercial interiors photography


Commercial interiors photography in Salford Quays, and a bit of behind the scenes too

It seems to be the year where I’m shooting birthdays that end in 0.  A few posts ago I shared images from a 60th birthday party I was asked to photograph; today it’s a 50th.  I’m currently missing a 40th in my diary though, so if anyone cares to fill the gap, please get in…
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Interior photography for Northwich Foot Clinic

The other week saw me driving out to Northwich to create some photographs for the Northwich Foot Clinic.  They’re having a website designed (by Alex of digital design agency  Pixel Air) and my brief was to create staff portraits, as well as a range of images to be used throughout the site. I’ll blog some…
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Commercial interiors photography in Hale

An increasing part of my work diary is shooting building interiors for commercial and corporate companies.  Often, it’s to coincide with a move into new premises or an update to their website (or both).  If you’ve moved, blogging about the move and posting photos of the new offices is a good way to announce your…
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More – yes more! – commercial interiors photography!

And suddenly like buses, here comes another blog post about a building interior that I’ve photographed ….. In fact, it was part of the same brief for the client that I blogged about last week.  In addition to the portraits I was shooting of the staff, I was also asked to spend some time shooting…
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Commercial interior photography in Altrincham

In a change from portraiture, last week I was out in Altrincham shooting the inside of a building.  I’ve done a fair bit of commercial interior photography over the years and it’s always an enjoyable technical challenge, to make sure the rooms are shown in their best light (literally and figuratively), as well as creatively,…
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