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Commercial interiors photography in Hale

An increasing part of my work diary is shooting building interiors for commercial and corporate companies.  Often, it’s to coincide with a move into new premises or an update to their website (or both).  If you’ve moved, blogging about the move and posting photos of the new offices is a good way to announce your…
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More – yes more! – commercial interiors photography!

And suddenly like buses, here comes another blog post about a building interior that I’ve photographed ….. In fact, it was part of the same brief for the client that I blogged about last week.  In addition to the portraits I was shooting of the staff, I was also asked to spend some time shooting…
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Commercial interior photography in Altrincham

In a change from portraiture, last week I was out in Altrincham shooting the inside of a building.  I’ve done a fair bit of commercial interior photography over the years and it’s always an enjoyable technical challenge, to make sure the rooms are shown in their best light (literally and figuratively), as well as creatively,…
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Interior photography of the Arley Hall floral extravaganza

Interiors photography and keeping the mood right Arley Hall hosts an annual Christmas floral extravaganza, opening its doors to local florists and floristry colleges and inviting them to use the beautiful interior rooms and decor as a backdrop for their creativity.  For the past few years I’ve been asked along to photograph the festive creations…
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Commercial interior photography for Namco Funscape at the Trafford Centre

Arriving at the Trafford Centre at 7am in the morning is a fairly surreal experience.  You would expect it to be deserted wouldn’t you?  In fact, it’s pretty busy!  Not with shoppers obviously, but there’s an awful lot of people around.  The car park is pretty full of delivery vans, for a start.  Inside, there…
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