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Location portraits in central Manchester

Portraits, portraits and more portraits.  That’s a good summary of a huge percentage of my portfolio.  Shot in a studio, shot on location but made to look like a studio, or using the location to add a bit of story to the portrait.  I do it all.  Sometimes though it’s good to leave the lights…
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Business portraits | Why the little details matter

Business portraits … Linkedin profile pictures … head shots for Facebook and Twitter …… a range of terms that have entered the business language in recent years, thanks to the emergence, and seeming dominance, of social media in our lives.  I’m not complaining of course, as shooting business portraits of this type makes up a…
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Business headshots | SUBS Altrincham

As well as running my photography business I’m also a founder member of SUBS Altrincham.  We’re a group dedicated to supporting small and fledgling businesses in and around the Altrincham area.  By offering advice and mutual support we believe that the local business community grows stronger, benefitting us all.  We’ve been going for several years…
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environmental portrait photograph

Environmental portrait photographer

What does it mean, to describe yourself as an environmental portrait photographer? Quite simply, it means taking portraits outside a studio.  More specifically, it often means taking the portrait of the subject in their own surroundings, whether that’s their home or their place of work.  The idea behind it is that by being in such…
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Commercial business portraits | Progressive Living

While I love the variety of work that I shoot as a freelance photographer, deep down in my core I’m a portrait photographer first and foremost.  That’s how I started out, and by far and away the majority of the photographs that I take are portraits of one kind or another. In the past few…
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