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environmental portrait photograph

Environmental portrait photographer

What does it mean, to describe yourself as an environmental portrait photographer? Quite simply, it means taking portraits outside a studio.  More specifically, it often means taking the portrait of the subject in their own surroundings, whether that’s their home or their place of work.  The idea behind it is that by being in such…
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Commercial business portraits | Progressive Living

While I love the variety of work that I shoot as a freelance photographer, deep down in my core I’m a portrait photographer first and foremost.  That’s how I started out, and by far and away the majority of the photographs that I take are portraits of one kind or another. In the past few…
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Headshot photography

Headshot photography is a term that’s become popular over the past couple of years … but what exactly is it? Quite simply, it’s another term for a head and shoulders portrait, usually with a plain background.  Prior to about 2014 the only people taking headshots were professional assassins, but with the rise in popularity of…
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Commercial photographer in print!

As a busy commercial photographer I’m no stranger to seeing my work in print.  A lot of my event photography is regularly published in regional and business publications – after all, one of the main reasons for photographing an event is for the PR it can bring.  However, it’s nice when a larger feature crops…
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‘Tis the season for prom photography

It’s something that I first did two years ago: prom photography. It’s one of the most demanding photography jobs to undertake – shooting literally hundreds of portraits in a couple of hours.  But, if I’m being honest, prom photography also creates some of the most fun jobs of the year.  Because it’s simply so all…
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