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Category: editorial and branding

It’s all about wellness | Photography for health businesses and clinics

In the past couple of years I’ve had an increasing number of commissions from doctors surgeries, dental practices, hearing centres and other health-related businesses to take photos for them.  They generally get in touch when they’re updating their website, or have commissioned a new one.  So, I thought I’d gather together a few images from…
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That was 2018 | A year in sixty seconds

I do love looking back over the year and reflecting on the assignments I’ve shot.  It’s wonderful to re-live twelve months by opening up the hard drives, scrolling through the thousands of photos and remembering the days, events and moments that made up the year.  I remember the new people I’ve met, the conversations about…
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Shooting a photo calendar | Photography for a great cause

Back in the spring I was honoured to be asked to help participate in a great cause, shooting some portraits for a photo calendar that was hoping to raise funds for Prostate Cancer awareness. To be honest, prostate cancer was something I knew nothing about until recently.  I started to learn a little more about…
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Portrait photography on location … and stock

In the past couple of years I’ve offered a ‘website package’ that has proved popular with a lot of companies.  This has come about because I work closely with a number of web designers who refer their clients to me for new shots for the website that’s in development.  In essence, the package comprises staff…
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Studio photography and swimwear

Studio photography always makes me feel like a ‘real’ photographer.  It’s great to set up the backdrop, rig lights, get the lighting ratio right (trust me, you don’t need to know).  It’s fairly Old School, in the sense that you need to understand a few basic principles that haven’t changed, and you need to know…
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