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Commercial Building Photography | Altrincham Business Park

Commercial Building Photography | Altrincham Business Park

I seem to be spending more and more time engaged in  commercial building photography these days, and I’m getting a real taste for it.  Whether it’s an old or new building, recently refurbished or desperately in need of a makeover, I’m finding the challenge and enjoyment of making a building look its best is something I love doing.

On this occasion, I was asked by the landlords to create a set of images of the empty units in the Altrincham Business Park for a new brochure that was being designed.  This required a mixture of external shots showing the park looking alive and busy along with images showing the interiors of the empty units, so a potential lessee can clearly see what they’re getting.

I was initially contacted back in March and commissioned for this work, but it was agreed that waiting until April would mean that the park would be looking better, thanks to the improvement in the weather, and the trees and shrubs around the Park would be coming into leaf.  As you can see from the results below, the day I went along provided ideal conditions!  I chose to shot mid-morning so that the car parks were full too – there’s very little pedestrian traffic around the site, but all those parked cars help to suggest the place is thriving.

Inside, the units were empty of furniture – big, bare spaces!  While that’s great if you are viewing the unit, and want to know if you can fit all your desks and workforce in the building, it’s not so good if you have to photograph the space and make it look attractive.  After all, what’s the point of interest in the photo?  Where does the eye travel first?  So, I shot a combination of wide shots that showed the airiness and space of the rooms, and picked out a few details that there were – door handles and stairwells, for instance.  A combination of wide shots and details always works well in a brochure layout.













Are you a developer, landlord or estate agent looking for great images to help you sell or rent out your building stock?  Then pick up the phone and give me a call, or email to discuss how I can help you promote your business!