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Commercial interiors photography in Salford Quays, and a bit of behind the scenes too

Commercial interiors photography in Salford Quays, and a bit of behind the scenes too


It seems to be the year where I’m shooting birthdays that end in 0.  A few posts ago I shared images from a 60th birthday party I was asked to photograph; today it’s a 50th.  I’m currently missing a 40th in my diary though, so if anyone cares to fill the gap, please get in touch.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Lime Bar in Salford Quays to photograph this celebration.  However, as the birthday boy owns the bar, I wasn’t there just to shoot the event, but could also wander behind the scenes to record some of the build up too.  An Access All Areas pass is always fascinating – in fact I regard one of the perks of this job being able to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff that is normally invisible.

So, to begin with, a few shots from a busy kitchen, gearing up not only to provide canapés to invited guests, but to provide the normal Saturday evening service to the pre-theatre crowd attending the show at the Lowry Theatre across the square.







And then out front to the restaurant, which had been transformed.  Out went the tables and chairs, and in came … dark drapes, Carnival and Harlequin masks, statues, uplighters of all colours, Grecian busts and a statue ………. even a flamingo!  The place had been turned into a subterranean Mardi Gras themed nightclub.  Which is pretty impressive work for a Saturday afternoon in Salford!







Shooting interiors is something I’m doing more often, and I’d love to talk to you if you’re looking to get photographs of a building done.  I can be contacted via the form at the top of the page or on 07766 815703.