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Business headshots | SUBS Altrincham

Business headshots | SUBS Altrincham

As well as running my photography business I’m also a founder member of SUBS Altrincham.  We’re a group dedicated to supporting small and fledgling businesses in and around the Altrincham area.  By offering advice and mutual support we believe that the local business community grows stronger, benefitting us all.  We’ve been going for several years now and our numbers are growing.

In line with an update to our website (www.startupbusinesservices.co.uk), and with the addition of several new members, I recently took new business headshots.

So, what’s the difference between business headshots and other kinds of commercial portraits?  Well, the clue’s in the name.  A headshot is what it says it is – a tightly framed head and shoulders shot.  Its main use is likely to be on social media platforms.  As your LinkedIn or Twitter profile is as likely to be viewed on a tablet or phone as it is on a computer, it needs to be as clear and clutter-free as possible so that, even on a small screen, you can be easily recognised.  (Contrast that with the recent environmental portraits I’ve blogged in the past few weeks, where the subject is only one component in the frame, and where the background plays a significant part in the image).

These were all shot in the offices of Altspace, a new co-working space that opened in Altrincham last year, and whose founder, Steve, recently joined as a Partner of SUBS.  The KISS principle of business headshots extends to the gear I use to shoot them.  Carrying a portable kit list of only one light and a plain pop-up background means I’m able to shoot these kinds of images in all kinds of locations.  A meeting room, or even the corner of a busy open plan office, suffices. I can set up in under ten minutes, and get the shots done quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for my fellow SUBS partners:

Steve at Altspace

David at The Web Studio

Victoria at McHale & Co

Phil at Tax Assist

Susan at Lifestyle Therapy

Ed at Minuteman Press

Connor at Empanda Properties

Alex at Altrincham HQ

business headshot

business headshot black and white

business headshot portrait

Does your business need a new set of business headshots?  Then please give me a call or contact me via the contact form for more details.