Commercial website photography – offering the whole package

Commercial website photography – offering the whole package


Today, a few words on the planning and thought that goes into a typical day’s photography …

It’s something that I’ve noticed increasingly over the past year or so.  I’m being commissioned to do ‘the whole package’ by companies i.e. to take portraits of staff in addition to making images of the office or workspace.  Usually, it’s because a website is being overhauled and updated, or a brand new one is being designed.  Until as recently as a few years ago companies and designers were trawling stock libraries for generic shots (usually because they were dirt cheap or even free!), but that trend is slowing down.  The savvy companies out there have realised that looking like everyone else makes what you do, offer or sell indistinguishable from your competitors.  Smart people want to look different, show off what makes them unique, and stick in their customers’ minds.

A few of these commissions are via web design companies I’ve worked with before, which is a nice bonus because I’m familiar with their style of designing and working, so can shoot images that will better suit their planned new site design.  Sometimes we even work together on the shoot day, discussing page layouts, what would look good in a particular space, the best orientation of a photo, complementary colours, and so on.

For instance, this recent commission for Vernova, a community healthcare company came via Pixel Air, a digital design company I’ve worked with before.  Alex (owner of Pixel Air) was designing a new website for the company, and wanted some portraits for an ‘About’ page, but also shots of the clinic for various different pages of the new site.  So, as with a previous commission for Northwich Foot Clinic, we discussed the kind of shots that would be needed, the general mood and impression we needed to convey, and a day’s shooting was arranged.

In this instance, it was a series of photos that would show off the clinic’s striking foyer area as well as treatment rooms.  Then a series of closer detail shots, for use on descriptive pages on the new website, as well as some more artistic abstracts, that make good header and slideshow images.









Then, a simple set of portraits of the staff.  Increasingly known as the ‘Linkedin’ headshot, this is something I do day-in, day-out for clients.  Nice and simple, these can be slotted into personal profiles with ease, or can be cut out by designers for dropping into websites, onto new backgrounds, and so on.



 So, there you have it.  A quick insight into the thinking behind a day’s shooting.  And you thought it was just turning up and snapping away, didn’t you?

So, any designers out there looking for great images for their clients, or companies doing an in-house revamp of their marketing, I’d love to chat about what I can offer you.  Please drop me a line via the contact form and I’ll get in touch.