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Event photography at the House of Commons

Event photography at the House of Commons


This year seems to be becoming the year of event photography, and I’ve been fortunate in shooting a lot of events in new and exciting places.  This assignment might top the lot though.

theProfileClub, whose events feature regularly in this blog, contacted me a few months ago with the following description:  lunch in a private dining room at the House of Commons, hosted by the local MP, for an exclusive audience of 32.  Was I interested in coming along and shooting the day?  I couldn’t get the words “of course” out fast enough.

So, last month, it was on the early train down to the Big Smoke, to meet Barbara and Kate from theProfileClub, and run through the day’s events.  Also, to undergo the extensive security checks and be told in no uncertain terms where I could and, more importantly, couldn’t take photographs.  This was a shame – the Houses of Parliament are a simply magnificent building, and I could have spent days wandering round taking photos – but security comes first understandably.

So, photography was restricted to the event itself – and even then, “no shooting out on the terrace where the drinks reception is taking place” on pain of having my collar felt by the Serjeant-at-Arms.

Despite this, I think we got some nice stuff.











Many thanks to Graham Brady MP for hosting the lunch and speaking, and to the leader of Trafford Council, Sean Anstee, for also speaking.

I’m waiting to see how you’re going to top this Barbara!