Today, some recent event photography at the Runway Visitor Park, and a few thoughts on shooting corporate events …

Have you ever been to the Runway Visitor Park?  It’s unique.  After all, what other business event venue has a Concorde standing in the middle of it?  Which means that it’s a striking location for any kind of business event.  I’ve shot there a few times, and it’s always impressed.  My last visit there, a couple of weeks ago, was no exception; although, as the event was being organised by the Profile Club, with the assistance of Team Spirit, I knew that it’d be a great ‘do’ before I even turned up.

The event was billed as ‘The Greatest Show’ and more than lived up to that title.  It was a charity event with a circus theme, choreographed dancers, live music and singing, and all under the wings of the supersonic airliner.  Even the weather played along, giving us a glorious summer’s evening as guests arrived, with a wonderful sunset to welcome in the evening events.  I should also give a shout out to DJ and MC Tom Finkill, who filled the red jacket with aplomb and kept things running along smoothly and with style.

Over the past decade I’ve shot an awful lot of corporate events.  I’ve learned a lot in that time, and one of the things I realised early on, and still adhere to to this day, is that better photos come from keeping it simple.  Every time I cover a business event, whether it’s a morning breakfast networking event or an evening charity ball, as here, I’m trying to do the same thing; tell a story.  I want to immerse myself in what’s going on in the room and present it in the best, most interesting and eye-catching way I can.  Stylistically, that means shooting two kinds of photo.  Wide shots give context, set the scene and give a sense of the scale of the occasion.  And close ups of people – laughing, partying, listening intently, animated in conversation – create the human interest that brings the event to life.  And, if I’ve done my job properly, it makes you wish you’d been there!

This is a style that has developed quite naturally over the years, but now forms the basis of every kind of event that I shoot.  Like a well-edited movie, the two kinds of photos should work together to give an overall sense of the occasion, and what it was like to have been present.

circus poster at the greatest show themed charity event

Concorde Runway Visitors Centre set up for a black tie charity event

Circus dancers on podiums at a charity ball at Runway Visitor Centre

Have you got an event in the pipeline that you’d like photographing?  The photos I create are great as a memento of the occasion; as well as helping to generate great PR afterwards, and for future marketing needs.  Feel free to give me a call on 07766 815703 or email me via the contact form to discuss your plans and to get a quotation.