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Stock photography? Or bespoke?

What does having stock photography all over your website say about your company?  Does it say that you are different; that you are independent in your outlook and thinking; that you have an eye for the little details that matter?  No, of course not.  It says, no it screams, “it’ll do, we don’t really care…
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Commercial Building Photography | Altrincham Business Park

I seem to be spending more and more time engaged in  commercial building photography these days, and I’m getting a real taste for it.  Whether it’s an old or new building, recently refurbished or desperately in need of a makeover, I’m finding the challenge and enjoyment of making a building look its best is something…
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Event photography in Altrincham’s Stamford Quarter

Altrincham Stamford Quarter’s Christmas lantern parade For the past few years I’ve been asked by the Altrincham Stamford Quarter to photograph the Lantern Parade and switching on of the Christmas lights. Last year’s event still sticks in my mind as it was possibly the wettest day of the year!  By contrast, this year the day…
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