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Want better photos? Be a bit more like IKEA

Be a bit more like IKEA?  What is he talking about, you’re saying to yourself. Well, if I say to you ‘Ikea’ what springs to mind?  Flat pack furniture, funny names, meatballs, getting lost in the car park ……. and maybe blue and yellow.  Which are the colours of the Swedish flag; and seeing as…
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Smartphone photography | Three easy tips for better photos

Smartphone photography has simplified a practice that used to be quite complicated – taking a great photo.  Years ago, you needed a serious knowledge of the rules of photography, and be able to find your way round a set of camera dials and buttons, to make a photo.  Now, you can just pull your phone…
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Want to learn to take better photos? Read this.

The most important thing to learn to take better photos is this.  Learn to see light. Now, that sounds a bit strange on first reading doesn’t it?  We see light all the time.  Every day.  All around us.  Without it, we wouldn’t see anything! But do we really see light?  In a photography sense, not…
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