So, why would you want to hire a professional photographer?  Or, more particularly, me?

The answer’s quite simple.  Twenty years of experience in creating marketing images that do what they’re supposed to do.  That is, images that get across your message quickly and simply.  That show your product or service in their best light (forgive the pun).  That show why you’re different, and better, than the rest.

I’ve spent years shooting for commercial clients in all kinds of places, at all times of day, in all kinds of conditions.  I’ve always got a good result for people; creating photos that fit the brief, that are designed to show off what you do, the service you offer, the product that you make or sell, in the best way possible.

Or, to put it another way, I can provide you with photos that get across the best aspects of your business, in an easily understandable way (after all, a picture does paint a thousand words!).  And that helps you to win more customers and make more sales.

Here’s a quick video that shows some of the typical things that I photograph, and how I show them off.


I have a knack for capturing an aspect of someone’s personality in a portrait; for making simple tasks look interesting; for finding a new angle to demonstrate a process; for conveying the mood at a presentation, an awards dinner or a host of other events; for finding an interesting way of presenting a room or building; above all, for adding a touch of artistry to a depiction of something.  The way I see my job is to present the subject in a way that’s not been seen before; or to make it look different and interesting.  That way, it sticks in the mind.

Please browse the galleries and look at the range of work I’ve undertaken over the years.  Hopefully you’ll see some common factors despite the variety of the subject matter.  The same attention to detail and framing in each commission, the desire to create the best photo possible in the particular situation.  Or the desire to make you imagine that you were there at that event, sharing the feelings of the people captured at that moment.  In other words, photos that work hard for your business.

If you have any questions, would like to know about rates, or want to chat about a possible assignment please give me a call, email me at or fill in the contact form here.