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Want to learn to take better photos? Read this.

The most important thing to learn to take better photos is this.  Learn to see light. Now, that sounds a bit strange on first reading doesn’t it?  We see light all the time.  Every day.  All around us.  Without it, we wouldn’t see anything! But do we really see light?  In a photography sense, not…
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Great for local business – photos for social media

Thanks to social media it’s much easier for a local business to get its message across nowadays. I’m often asked to create a library of photos for social media use by a local business and there’s a series of steps to follow. The first thing I do is talk to you about the business.  I…
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marketing photoshoot in Altspace Warrington

Marketing photoshoot for Altspace Warrington

Hot off the press …. some photos from this week’s marketing photoshoot for a new Warrington business – Altspace co-working office.  Plus a few thoughts on how this shoot was different to normal. Altspace is an established business in Altrincham, offering hotdesks and private office spaces to businesses in Trafford, and I’ve known owner Steve…
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Professional headshots

Professional headshots are something that I’ve shot an awful lot of in the past …. and something I think I’ll be shooting an awful lot more of now that lockdown restrictions are easing and business is slowly resuming.  Let me explain why. During the lockdown period a lot of things have changed in business.  Many…
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Socially distanced photoshoot | Branding photography post Lockdown

Delighted to report that, after a 12 week lay off due to lockdown, I’m back at work!  And equally delighted with the first job I was booked to shoot – a socially distanced photoshoot for a local company. Tech Disinfect is a local business that specialises in disinfecting and cleaning tech and IT devices and…
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