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Event photography case study | Balancing natural and artificial light

I thought I’d spend some time talking about different jobs I’ve done, going through my thought process before and during the shoot, to give you some insight into exactly what goes into a shoot.  Because I strive to make a lot of my work look naturalistic, it’s easy to assume that I’m just turning up…
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training people to take product photography for e-commerce

Photo training | Product photography for E-commerce

Having great product photography for e-commerce is a requirement for so many companies, yet so many also struggle to get photos that are good enough.  A good product photo needs to show off features of your product, focus on details and special features, but also give the viewer the sense they would have if they…
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Show what you want to sell

Show what you want to sell.  It’s drummed into photographers all the time.  Post photos of the kind of work you want to shoot – so, for instance, if you want to be known as a dog photographer, then post photos of dogs.  Pretty obvious, really.  In my case, it’s mostly people that I photograph…
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Creating a photo archive for a business

I’ve been a member of my local Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce for over 12 years, and the official photographer for at least 10.  During that time I’ve shot about 90% of the events that have been put on.  I’ve taken portraits of Chamber Presidents and Vice Presidents, recorded speakers at events and lunches,…
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Brand values | Honesty and authenticity

Your brand values are what sets you apart from your competition.  You might have an idea of what they are right at the outset, or they might develop over time.  They’re the very essence of your company DNA. Many of us would like to think that honesty and authenticity are key values we and our…
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