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Marketing for service industries

Marketing your offering if you’re a service industry is difficult isn’t it? If you manufacture chocolate bars, it’s easy.  Show people the packet, tell them what flavour it is, list the ingredients.  It’s easy for the customer to understand.  The same’s true of any product, really.  Our brains get it, and get it with little…
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Professional photo editing | What hiring a professional photographer is all about

Professional photo editing takes as much time as taking them in the first place.  Or sometimes longer, depending on what needs to be done to get the photo to its finished state.  When you hire me to shoot a half day for you, for instance, that means I’m with you for up to 4 hours…
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Making photos look consistent | The difference between amateur and professional photography

Let’s face it.  Smartphone cameras are an amazing bit of kit and so, in most circumstances, an amateur who knows nothing about photography can take really good photos.  The camera settings, improved sensor technology, and the addition of different lenses means that phones can be used in situations that, only a few years ago, would…
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simple business headshot of young adult male against grey background

Good headshots keep it simple

I’m a bit of a foodie, and a big fan of Italian cookery. What appeals to me most about this style, aside from the sheer deliciousness of the dishes, is the simplicity. Great Italian dishes have only a handful of ingredients, cooked quickly and simply. The idea is to let the flavours sing, not to…
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outdoor portait of young man with out of focus building in background

Outdoor Portraits | And the importance of collaboration

Outdoor portraits are something that I shoot only infrequently, but they definitely have their place. And collaboration? Well, read on … I set up my business as a freelance photographer nearly 20 years ago. Back then, every other photographer I met was a rival in my eyes. I was jealous of the work they booked…
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