Smartphone photography training is finally here, after being postponed last year due to the pandemic!

The standard of smartphone photography has improved dramatically over the past few years.  The improving technology in phones means that you’re carrying in your pocket a camera with most of the features of the professional DSLR gear that I use to take photos.

Just because you’ve got the kit though, do you know how to use it to its full capability?

A good photographer can take great photos regardless of the camera they’re using.  On that basis, I’m offering a series of photo training walks aimed exclusively at smartphone users.  If you run a business and post photos as part of your marketing (which, let’s face it, means every one of us), then you should be making sure that the photos you use are the best they possibly can be.  After all, they represent your brand!

Each session will last for two hours.  We’ll start in a cafe, where I’ll explain what you’ll be learning, then we’ll go out to practice taking photos using what I’ve just taught you.  Each time it will be a mixture of a bit of teaching by me, some discussion, and lots of getting out there and taking photos.  After all, it’s putting it into practice that improves your photography.

To start with, we’ll be looking at the most important aspect of any photograph – light.  Getting the light right is key to any good photo.  I’ll teach you about the different qualities of light, and how to ‘see’ it properly in a photo.  Then you’ll explore central Altrincham, finding great light and making creative photos.

The first session takes place on Thursday 10th June starting at 11am in Altrincham and ending at 1pm.  There are limited spaces available because of current COVID-19 regulations.  Each space costs £16.22 (the attendance fee plus booking fee) and can be booked via Eventbrite here:

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If you’ve any questions, feel free to get in touch.