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Commercial photography for Pressvess Fabrications

Commercial photography is a massive umbrella term.  Every time the phone rings with a new commission, the job is different.  Whether I’m asked to shoot portraits (and there are dozens of styles of portraits), photograph companies for website photos, cover an event or create something that will create a PR buzz, the job is different.…
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Environmental portraits (that’s portraits on location in plainspeak)

Basically, there are two kinds of portraits: those shot in a studio, and those made out on location or, to use the posh term, environmental portraits. I’d say that around 80% of the business portraits that I make are environmental.  Sometimes that’s for practical reasons: I might be shooting an entire workforce, so it’s much…
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Environmental portraits – the view from the roof!

One of my favourite all-time movies is Lawrence of Arabia.  Not just because it’s a great story, or because Peter O’Toole is superb in the lead role.  I love that it’s widescreen – that letterbox shape, when viewed in the cinema on a big screen, looks simply wonderful. So, when I get the chance to…
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Getting graphic and abstract on a photoshoot

I guess this post follows on from, and develops on the theme, of last week. Every commercial shoot that I undertake has a brief.  I never just ‘turn up and snap away’ – every commission is discussed in advance, planned and shot to a particular set of ideas.  Because without that advance planning, the photos…
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Interior photography for Northwich Foot Clinic

The other week saw me driving out to Northwich to create some photographs for the Northwich Foot Clinic.  They’re having a website designed (by Alex of digital design agency  Pixel Air) and my brief was to create staff portraits, as well as a range of images to be used throughout the site. I’ll blog some…
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