What does having stock photography all over your website say about your company?  Does it say that you are different; that you are independent in your outlook and thinking; that you have an eye for the little details that matter?  No, of course not.  It says, no it screams, “it’ll do, we don’t really care that much, we’re trying to please everybody”.   And you know what they say about people who try to please everybody?  Yep, they end up pleasing nobody.

Yes, building a company, and a brand, are difficult and time consuming processes.  But they should be.  Because they’re important.  Having a good brand really matters.  And you can tell the brands that do matter because they stand out.  Not necessarily for having the best logo, or the shiniest shop, or the slickest website.  Often they stand out for small things, almost imperceptible things, things that a lot of other companies overlook.  It can be as simple as they give the impression that they go the extra mile.  Or they care, really care about their customers (sure, everyone says it, but how many actually mean it and show it?).

I work with a lot of companies on creating images specifically for them, that say something about them.  Following on from last week’s Portraits post, is the rest of the commission for Parsonage Financial.  As well as being asked to shoot new staff portraits, I was also asked to go round the office taking photos.  Now, a lot of companies ask me to shoot photos of their offices …. but no-one before has ever given me a list of ‘Things that sum us up’ shots and asked me to capture them, for them to be used on the website and in future blog posts.  And how many ask me to ‘be a bit Arty?’  I could count them on the fingers of one finger, I think.  How’s that for thinking a bit differently?

Straight away, you know that you’re dealing with people that aren’t simply run-of-the-mill.  Here are people that do think out of the box.  Here are people that are interesting.  People that clearly invest thought and care into what they do.  And who wouldn’t want to work with people with that kind of mindset?

Here’s a bit of what Parsonage Financial are all about.

To discuss your own project, and to see how I could realise it for you, please get in touch.  A message via the contact form or a call on 07766 815703 is enough to get the ball rolling and show the world how you’re different and how much you care.