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That was 2018 | A year in sixty seconds

I do love looking back over the year and reflecting on the assignments I’ve shot.  It’s wonderful to re-live twelve months by opening up the hard drives, scrolling through the thousands of photos and remembering the days, events and moments that made up the year.  I remember the new people I’ve met, the conversations about…
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Environmental portraits – the view from the roof!

One of my favourite all-time movies is Lawrence of Arabia.  Not just because it’s a great story, or because Peter O’Toole is superb in the lead role.  I love that it’s widescreen – that letterbox shape, when viewed in the cinema on a big screen, looks simply wonderful. So, when I get the chance to…
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Commercial portrait photography for Hale Karate Club

Commercial studio portraits Possibly the most common reason that I’m asked to make commercial portraits of people is for a new or updated website.  I’m regularly contacted by people who have been advised by their web designer to have some professional portraits made, and several digital media companies recommend that they get in touch with…
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