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training people to take product photography for e-commerce

Photo training | Product photography for E-commerce

Having great product photography for e-commerce is a requirement for so many companies, yet so many also struggle to get photos that are good enough.  A good product photo needs to show off features of your product, focus on details and special features, but also give the viewer the sense they would have if they…
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outdoor portait of young man with out of focus building in background

Outdoor Portraits | And the importance of collaboration

Outdoor portraits are something that I shoot only infrequently, but they definitely have their place. And collaboration? Well, read on … I set up my business as a freelance photographer nearly 20 years ago. Back then, every other photographer I met was a rival in my eyes. I was jealous of the work they booked…
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product photography on location in factory

Product photography on location

Product photography on location?  Don’t you shoot product in a studio? Well yes, on the whole I do.  Whether it’s the set-up-a-white-background-eBay-style stuff that people want, or clean, simple photos on a different background, usually I do shoot product in a studio.  Because product photography is about showing what the product looks and feels like. …
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The key to great portraits – work quickly

Over the past ten years I seem to have spent a fair chunk of my working life in warehouses.  I mention that as this particular job, shooting PR shots of the three brothers that run this tile retail company, have possibly the cleanest warehouse I’ve ever set foot in! But I digress. Sometimes you know…
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PR Photography | Business photography with Active Tameside part 2

Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago about shooting a PR campaign for Active Tameside, here’s the continuation … As I mentioned in the earlier post, the Marketing People at Active had planned a two-pronged campaign to promote use of the gyms and leisure facilities in the Tameside area.  In the first…
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