I try to update this commercial photography blog regularly, but this summer has been really busy at work and at home. I’ve been out and about on shoots more than I have been in my office, so haven’t found the time to post on here as much as I should have done.

At home, we added a new kitten to the family (called Harry in honour of Messrs Kane and Maguire, since he arrived on the day of the England v Columbia game) and packed up the car (twice) to take both kids off to uni (one heading north and the other going south and both ‘needing’ more stuff than I remember hauling off to university in *coughs* 1984). Oh, and we enjoyed a week dodging the rain in Italy, during the hottest week of the heatwave here (face palms).

At work, I’ve been commissioned to do all sorts of commercial shoots, and there are some crackers that I hope to show you in more detail soon.  In the meantime, I’ve put together this short slideshow (it’s about a minute long) to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to and to say a quick thank you to every one of the clients who have commissioned and collaborated with me on all these shoots.  I’m always incredibly flattered that you like my photography and to want me to work for you and I’ve enjoyed every one of these assignments.

As usual, there’s a variety of work in there: portraits, location work, shooting stock photography for clients to use on blogs, websites, in campaigns and (increasingly) on their Instagram accounts, a dash of PR, some architectural photos (I got to visit some incredible buildings) and a fair range of events (including the T20 at Lancashire CCC… and I get to call this life a job!)

If you are watching this at work, just be warned that there is music.  I hope you enjoy it.