The great thing about doing repeat branding photography for a business is that I develop an understanding of what they want from their images, how they will use them, and how we can work together to give them the maximum bang for the buck.

In short, we know after a couple of shoots how to work together most effectively, and quickly, to produce what’s needed.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love working with new clients.  Part of the fun is trying to get into their heads, understand what they’re thinking and what they want from me in terms of images.  There’s something exciting about trying new ideas out and getting feedback – and it’s something I’ll try to slip into a lot of shoots with established clients too.

But turning up for a job, knowing who will be there, what I can expect, and with an idea already in my head of what I’ll be doing and need to deliver, is also great.

Here’s an example.  I’ve worked for Premier Stone for a few years now.  They import and sell stone and porcelain tiles.  Over the years they’ve established a house style for their products, using carefully selected props to give a lifestyle feel, as well as more straightforward product shots that simply show off the colour and texture of the tiles.  It’s a lovely mix of creativity and ‘straight’ product shots.

I went to visit their warehouse recently to shoot the latest batch and these are some of the results.

The other benefit of having this long relationship with a client is the consistency that it brings to the photos.  These photos look similar to one another – in the way they’re styled, the way they’re lit and composed – and they will match photos going back over the past few years.  That consistency is a great factor in establishing the brand style for the company.

And so we reach the final paragraph, where I give you your call to action ….. so thanks for reading and if you want to discuss product or branding photography feel free to message or give me a call.  I don’t bite!