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Show what you want to sell

Show what you want to sell.  It’s drummed into photographers all the time.  Post photos of the kind of work you want to shoot – so, for instance, if you want to be known as a dog photographer, then post photos of dogs.  Pretty obvious, really.  In my case, it’s mostly people that I photograph…
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Brand values | Honesty and authenticity

Your brand values are what sets you apart from your competition.  You might have an idea of what they are right at the outset, or they might develop over time.  They’re the very essence of your company DNA. Many of us would like to think that honesty and authenticity are key values we and our…
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Marketing for service industries

Marketing your offering if you’re a service industry is difficult isn’t it? If you manufacture chocolate bars, it’s easy.  Show people the packet, tell them what flavour it is, list the ingredients.  It’s easy for the customer to understand.  The same’s true of any product, really.  Our brains get it, and get it with little…
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simple business headshot of young adult male against grey background

Good headshots keep it simple

I’m a bit of a foodie, and a big fan of Italian cookery. What appeals to me most about this style, aside from the sheer deliciousness of the dishes, is the simplicity. Great Italian dishes have only a handful of ingredients, cooked quickly and simply. The idea is to let the flavours sing, not to…
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Portraits for social media uses

Portraits for social media uses isn’t the best term to describe this style of photography, but to be honest I don’t have a better description!  You know the kind of thing though.  You’ve seen articles or blog posts where the author is pointing at something out of frame.  Or pointing at you, Lord Kitchener style. …
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