Following on from last week’s post about shooting the refurbished interior of the Stoke Town Hall for CTD Architectural Practice, I couldn’t resist showing off some more architectural photography this week.  Here we move upstairs to the first floor of the building, where more architectural wonders lie in wait.  Named after Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II room (check out the portrait over the fireplace) is a quite spectacular room, and recently restored to its full glory.  Apparently, you can hire the room for wedding celebrations too.  Quite tempted to renew my vows after visiting …

To get technical for a moment, good architectural photography requires the perspectives to be correct i.e. straight lines should be straight, verticals vertical and so on.  It’s easy to turn up with an ultrawide lens to shoot a room – and in some circumstances it’s what wanted by a client – but photos like this are supposed to look ‘correct’.  Also, for those who are interested, the third shot of the room is a panorama ‘stitched together’ from five separate photographs, to give a wider perspective than would normally be possible.

Across the way from the room is the also splendid Jubilee Room – totally different in style as it’s Art Deco, which provides a lovely contrast as you move across the landing and step inside.  And, as you can see from the tables and chairs present, it’s used as a dining room in the town hall.  Not too shabby a location for your lunch is it?

Queen Elizabeth II Room in Stoke Town Hall Ceiling rose in Stoke Town Hall architectural photography of interior of Stoke town hall

Of course, a property doesn’t have to be so grand to deserve being photographed well.  I shoot all manner of properties, commercial, residential and industrial, but each gets the same level of care and attention.  It might be because it’s up for sale; to show off the premises; to highlight details;  as ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of a renovation or alteration; or for a host of other reasons.  Whatever they might be, if you wish to show off a building, or elements of it, please get in touch to discuss how I can help you.