Over the past couple of years I’ve been building up a portfolio of Interior Design photos, and this recent commission will add nicely to that collection.  I was asked by my client, MyPad Developments, to visit their recently finished show house in Runcorn to shoot interiors for promotional literature.  On a job like this the requirements are twofold:  firstly, to create a sense of the space inside the house.  I want to convey what each room actually looks like, almost like a virtual tour so you get a sense of what it’s like to walk round the interior and can imagine the layout of each room, and the route through the house.  Secondly, I shoot a series of close ups and details.  These work to create more of a mood than a simple document of the room layouts.  I seek out different angles to create lifestyle shots, to convey the feeling of being in the property.  So, I shoot small details, patterns made by the light falling through the blinds, and so on.

Separately, neither adequately ‘sells’ a property, but combined together in a brochure or on a webpage, they succeed in both informing you about the property and making you appreciate how it feels to live in the space.

Here are a few examples.

interior design photos of a showhouse

lavender on window ledge in sunlight

interior design interior of house

detail shot of kitchen worktop

show house interior photo

bedroom detail shot

shot of bedroom from landing

photo of bedroom in show house

lifestyle interior design photo

bedroom lifestyle photo

house interior photo

detail of mirror in show house

photo of attic bedroom

photo of ensuite bathroom

interior design photo of bathroom tap

I’ve shot both commercial and residential interiors for clients in recent years.  The photos have been used in particulars, for marketing purposes and featured in magazines and trade publications.  If you’re a property developer, builder, architect, or someone with an interesting project that could benefit from some great imagery, please get in touch to discuss things further.