Here’s a recent commercial photography assignment from the heart of Manchester city centre.  And also proof that occasionally I do shoot photos that don’t  have people in them!

Progressive Living are a residential property development company based in the city centre, and whose projects include the stunning North Central residence in Shudehill, overlooking the Piccadilly and Northern Quarter areas.  My brief was to visit and shoot this furnished apartment, creating photos that would be used for marketing purposes.  This could include website and brochues, as well as images that could stand on their own as examples of the kind of apartments the company designs and builds.  Social media would be a great outlet for such images, of course.

When shooting interiors, you have several keywords in the back of your mind.  Prominent among these are ‘space’ and ‘light’.  In other words, you want to make the rooms appear as spacious and bright as possible – not a problem with this development!  The two bedroom apartment was an impressive size.  Another key objective is to show the separate zones of the apartment (kitchen area, living space, separate bedrooms, bathroom(s)), but also give a sense of how they interconnect, and the traffic flow around the space.

 To start with, a (half) panoramic shot of what you see as you enter through the front door, showing the kitchen and living spaces, and the interaction between them.  There’s also a hint of one of the bedrooms, just visible through the open doorway.  (Showing hints of other rooms is something I return to in a lot of interiors photos.  It suggests a sense of size and space).  The rest of the photos I’ve chosen for this blog are then a combination of wide shots, showing the room layouts, spaciousness and airiness.  They also serve to illustrate the mood of the rooms, created through the interior design via it’s choice of furniture, details and colours.  Detail shots further highlight some of these features.

 North Central apartment living space city centre modern apartment kitchen area of modern apartment

Combining my years of experience with an interest in interior design and eye for details, I’m always happy to discuss interior photography commissions.  If you’d like to talk, feel free to get in touch via the contact form or email me at