Group shot of five people sitting on different levels of bench seating

It’s a pretty standard assignment, to be asked to visit a company to take headshots and get a couple of team photos while I’m there (especially as, in these days of remote working, it’s quite a rare occurrence for the whole team to be together in one place).

A great example is this recent commission by Net Hub, a new networking platform that’s launched recently.  They were having a day at The Nest – a rather excellent training facility that’s recently opened close to Wythenshawe hospital.  It was built by the Timpson Group, and was designed primarily as a training centre for Timpson staff.  However, it’s been made available to other businesses who wish to use the space – and what a space it is!  The nice people there gave us the run of the auditorium, so we were able to use the bench seating to create group photos, as well as the ‘standard’ shot of everyone standing in a line.  Throw in some individual headshots against one of the plain walls and that’s a good morning’s work!

Strictly speaking, the individual portraits are shot a little wide to be a proper headshot.  A headshot is normally a tight head and shoulders crop.  However, in the past couple of years I’ve tended to shoot a little wider, as it’s quite possible to crop in to the portrait, and because the extra room allows for a little more posing with the way you stand and hold your arms.  In other words, it gives a bit more scope to make the shots a bit more interesting.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like a quotation for headshots and group shots of your team, and to check my availability when you’re next gathered together.