Professional headshots are something that I’ve shot an awful lot of in the past …. and something I think I’ll be shooting an awful lot more of now that lockdown restrictions are easing and business is slowly resuming.  Let me explain why.

During the lockdown period a lot of things have changed in business.  Many people have taken the time and space to think about their careers, and have made choices to change what they do.  Whether that’s as simple as find a new job in the same sector, or undergo a complete career change, they’ve changed what they do.  In both cases, a new profile will be needed, and a new headshot usually accompanies that (there’s a strong argument that you should change your headshot every time that you change jobs.  As well as updating it every year or so, and whenever you’ve significantly changed your appearance).

The other reason is that, unfortunately, this period has led to, and will lead to, a lot of people losing their jobs, and they’ll be seeking new opportunities.  So, CVs are being updated, profiles rewritten and new headshots being sought to help in this search.

If you spend just a couple of minutes browsing this site you’ll see plenty of examples of headshots that I’ve taken (here and here for example).  While every job is different, in some ways they’re all alike.  My lighting style is deliberately un-flashy, as the emphasis is on you, not my mastery of lighting techniques.  The backgrounds vary but they’re always plain and not a distraction.  The emphasis is very much on creating a portrait of you that conveys something about you – an aspect of your personality that you want potential customers to see.  That’s the common thread running through them all.   I’ve included three examples below – one very recent, the other two for earlier in the year – which illustrate these points.  All were taken on different occasions and in different locations.  But they all share the attributes I’ve listed above.

   professional headshot example

professional headshot of man in shirt and jacket in black and white

professional headshot of man in open necked shirt and jacket

 And a final, post Lockdown word.  As we’re all attempting to get back to work again after the layoff during lockdown, I’m aware that there isn’t as much money available as there was previously.  So, for the next couple of months, I’m offering 25% off headshot prices while we all get up and running again.  This applies to all prices, whether you’re an individual, a group or a business.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, please get in touch.