You may know that as well as running Commercial Photography North West, I’m a passionate advocate of supporting small and fledgling businesses in my local Altrincham area.  A few years ago I became a founding partner of SUBS, a support group and network which puts on a regular series of events for local businesses.  This week we celebrated (in rather fine style) our third anniversary and, of course, we supported a local business, in the form of our host, restaurant Bistrot Pierre in Altrincham’s Stamford Quarter.

To help the evening go with a swing, our invited speaker was Jane from Cracking Wine who, after a few tasting notes, invited us to guess the identities of three mysteries sparkling wines – a cava, a prosecco and champagne.

So, for once, I was going to attend an event in a non-working capacity ……. well, until half an hour before it started when I received the phone call.  “Can you bring your camera along and take a few snaps please”.  So, wearing several hats, I was wine taster, event host, participant and event photographer.  Who says men can’t multitask?

Many thanks to my fellow SUBS partners for being such great people to work with, to all the attendees and supporters – not just at this but at all our events during the year – and to the hard working staff of Bistrot Pierre, for providing an endless supply of delicious snacks to help wash down the fizz.

Below are some of the photos I took of the evening.  To enjoy them at their best, please set the slideshow to full screen, turn up the speakers, click ‘play’ and enjoy.