private client event photography

Private clients hire me to photograph events just as much as companies do.  And often the events are just as well planned, executed and as much fun as ‘proper’ business events.  In fact, they’re usually better!

On the whole we’re talking about birthdays and anniversaries, although I’ve shot christenings, weddings and other milestone events too.  Whatever the occasion, the big thing they all have in common is that the guests that come along have a real connection to the host.  They’re often smaller than corporate events too – with manageable numbers of guests rather than the hundreds that can be invited to corporate ‘do’s’ (although I have shot a few birthday parties where the guest list has been over 200).  And there isn’t that feeling that you can’t let your hair down in front of the boss!  So they’re usually more relaxed.  All in all, great to be at as a photographer, and presenting plenty of opportunities for great shots.

It’s also great to be able to create a bit of family history for people, creating a set of images that act as a record and memento of a great occasion; and possibly being turned into wall art or an album to keep the memories alive.

guests at a private birthday party

group shot of guests at a private birthday party tipi in garden at private birthday party guests at a private birthday party


I’m always happy to provide a quotation for private event photography.  Please just get in touch to tell me a little bit about the occasion, either through the contact form or by giving me a call.