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Tag: portrait photography

Location portraits in central Manchester

Portraits, portraits and more portraits.  That’s a good summary of a huge percentage of my portfolio.  Shot in a studio, shot on location but made to look like a studio, or using the location to add a bit of story to the portrait.  I do it all.  Sometimes though it’s good to leave the lights…
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PR photos for a local award winner

Today I’m going to give you an insight into the world of PR photography. Here’s how it usually happens.  I receive a  call from a PR company.  Often, it’s someone I know and have worked with before; occasionally, it’s someone I’ve never met, and usually that’s because they’re based in London or the South East.…
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Commercial business portraits – One light, two looks

A question I’m asked a lot is why hire a professional photographer, now that everyone has a camera (usually on their phone), and can take photographs themselves quite easily. The simple answer is, because I’m probably better at it, and if you want the best result possible then it’s worth hiring a professional to do…
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