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Portraits for social media uses

Portraits for social media uses isn’t the best term to describe this style of photography, but to be honest I don’t have a better description!  You know the kind of thing though.  You’ve seen articles or blog posts where the author is pointing at something out of frame.  Or pointing at you, Lord Kitchener style. …
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Branding photography for hotels | Interiors of conference facilities

Branding photography for hotels can take many forms.  Your immediate thought of hotel photos is probably the guest rooms, reception and other public areas – the places that the public see.  However, anyone who networks, attends conferences or goes to seminars will tell you, hotels are frequently used for business meetings.  So, I’ve been asked…
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Headshot taken against pale background

Pop up headshots | Flexible working means flexible photography

Pop up headshots?  What are they I hear you ask.  Well, they’re a response to the new ways that we go to work. There’s been a revolution in working patterns in the past few years.  And I’ve definitely noticed over the past year or so a shift in the way I work work as a…
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corporate event photography on a large scale at manchester central venue

Protected: Corporate event photography on a large scale

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product photography on location in factory

Product photography on location

Product photography on location?  Don’t you shoot product in a studio? Well yes, on the whole I do.  Whether it’s the set-up-a-white-background-eBay-style stuff that people want, or clean, simple photos on a different background, usually I do shoot product in a studio.  Because product photography is about showing what the product looks and feels like. …
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