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Professional photographer – what does it really mean?

For the past 17 years people have been telling me professional photography is dead.  Why?  Because technology has made it easier to take good photos.  Why hire me when they can take decent photos themselves, even on their phones?  Well, what I’ve come to realise over that time is that taking good photos is only…
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Taking great photos isn’t about having a good camera

It’s a running joke among professional photographers.  “That’s a great photo, you must have a good camera.” No, actually that’s a great photo because I’m a good photographer.  The camera has (next to) nothing to do with it.  If I had a pound for the number of times I’ve heard people say “when I get…
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wireless phone charging point with phone

How Covid has changed photo shoots (for the better!)

Strangely, the absence of customers due to Lockdown has helped some businesses. If you’re a shop or hotel, then having to close for refurbishments can be costly as you’re losing trade; or you have to arrange it for strange times such as the middle of the night which can be inconvenient and awkward (I’ve another…
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Want better photos? Be a bit more like IKEA

Be a bit more like IKEA?  What is he talking about, you’re saying to yourself. Well, if I say to you ‘Ikea’ what springs to mind?  Flat pack furniture, funny names, meatballs, getting lost in the car park ……. and maybe blue and yellow.  Which are the colours of the Swedish flag; and seeing as…
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In keeping with the brand

I’ve been shooting headshots in Manchester recently that look a little bit different. I’ve written many times of the essential elements of a good strong headshot.  The emphasis must be on the person and their expression.  That is key.  During any portrait session a great expression is the thing I’m working hardest to achieve (or…
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