branding photography for warehouse

So, what is Branding photography?

Imagine that I spend a day with you at work, documenting everything that goes on.  Spending time taking photos of you and your team at work.  Getting close-ups and details of what you actually do – making the process look great.  Taking photos of the building you work in, showing off any special features, or the size and scale of it.  If you make something, taking beautiful photos of the product.  Taking portraits of staff members, if you wish.  To quote a client from a few years ago, “make us look good doing what we do best.”

That’s branding photography, in a nutshell.  Creating a bank of photos that show off your business in action and gets across your brand values.  You’ll have photos that you can use to populate your website, to use in promotions and when marketing, or to post out on social media platforms.  You’ll be able to tell the story of what you do, and why you do it so well.

A lot of businesses only think about this stuff when they’re doing something new.  Usually, they’re rebranding and/or building a new website.  That’s a good time to reflect on what you do; what you want to do; and what values you hold dearest.  It’s also a great time to give me a call.  By talking about your business, and more importantly your values, we can make images that you can use time and time again.

As an example, here’s just a tiny selection of photos spent with Rapierstar in Macclesfield, a leading supplier of screws and fixings.  All in all, I spent two days with the company, shooting staff portraits (which I’ve blogged about separately), and spending time shooting some general exterior shots, as well as the warehouse, deliveries, packing and sending out orders, and some time in the testing room, where sample screws are – basically – tested to destruction.  Extremely high quality control is one of the things the company prides itself on, so was important to devote time to shooting.

fork lift truck in warehouse pallet wrapping machine in action branding photography of the Rapierstar warehouse fork lift truck in operation in warehouse

So, if you’re revamping, rebranding, rethinking, relaunching or restarting ….. or even if it’s just a refresh … give me a call.  Between us we can create ample material for you to look your best, doing what you do best.