Well, I say flower photography, but I could have also said portrait photography (of sorts), or photography for a start up company (one of my favourite kinds of company to work with).

Ixia Flowers is a new company based in the Altrincham area, offering high class floristry through a series of pop-up events, as well as offering mail order bouquets and a subscription service.  At the very end of last year they got in touch to ask me to create a series of images to populate their website (which was still in the making at the time).  On another occasion I’ll post some of the location shots we made as headers for the website, but today I thought I’d show some of the product photos that I took for them.  As a large part of their business will be selling flowers online, I was invited to take photos for the e-commerce part of the site.

The look we went for was high key with bright vibrant colours.  I wanted to emphasise the shape and textures of the bouquets, with close ups of several of the arrangements, and images designed to show them off from all angles (just as you would see them on display in your home).  Basically, I intended to show the bouquets in their best light (forgive the pun), and give the clearest idea of what the arrangements looked like from as many angles as possible.

bunch of red and pink roses photographed from above











I’m shooting an increasing number of assignments for clients offering website sales and e-commerce nowadays.  Whether you want to start selling goods through your own website, or via eBay, detailed images of your products can only help you to sell more of them.  Whether in a studio environment, or out on location, I’m happy to discuss any projects you might have in mind, offer advice and quote to create photos of your products for you.  Please get in touch via the contact form or call me on 07766 815703.