professional product photography of measuring wheel

Why professional product photography?  Why not do it yourself?  Here are a few thoughts.

Let’s start with a question: what is the big advantage of going to a shop to look at a product?  You can see it, pick it up, get a sense of what it’s made of.  The tactile experience of holding something in your hand helps you weigh up in your mind if it’s well made, the right colour, going to do the job you want it for, and so on.  Buying online is trickier because the customer can’t do those things.  So the photos that you provide of your product must do as much of that work for them as possible.  That’s why good, clear photos are vital.

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to do one thing time and time again: make whatever I’m photographing look it’s best.  Whether it’s a business portrait or a shot of the widgets that you sell by the boxload, my job is the same.  And it’s what I do, day in and day out.  By using a combination of great light and the best angles, I show off the best features of whatever the subject in from of me is.  We’re trying to replicate that experience of holding the product in a shop and trying it out, remember.

And my years of experience allow me to take photos that anticipate questions you’re likely to be asked – “Can it do this?”, “Will it take this size battery?”, “How easy is it to refill?”, and so on.  Have a look at the photos below to see what I mean – they show a combination of whole product shots, and details that home in on features the products have.  In combination with a FAQ page, they should make sure that you get very few enquiries or – worse – returns.

I also understand the importance of speed.  I’m set up to shoot things straight away – quickly and efficiently.  I’ll make the product look great, and send you correctly sized photos, in the right format and at the right resolution.  You might get the photos back 24 hours later, certainly within 48.

So, the benefits to you are better photos that should encourage more sales of your products, provided quickly and fuss-free.

(Incidentally, this was the very last job that I did before Lockdown started.  It’s for a local company that sells a variety of measuring wheels – if you’re in that market, their website is here).

professional product photography against white background of measuring wheel professional product photography detail shots professional product photography of yellow measuring wheel

Even during these strange times, it’s possible to shoot product in my home studio.  Just like getting stuff ordered from Amazon or Deliveroo, I can safely take doorstep delivery of goods and return them the same way.

So, why use professional product photography?  The bottom line ……. it’s better for your bottom line. (Sorry, I’ll get me coat).