In the past couple of years I’ve had an increasing number of commissions from doctors surgeries, dental practices, hearing centres and other health-related businesses to take photos for them.  They generally get in touch when they’re updating their website, or have commissioned a new one.  So, I thought I’d gather together a few images from some of the shoots to share in this blog post.  With the increasing public interest in Wellness, it seemed topical!

Businesses that work in these sectors often specialise in something particular, or have a unique product or service that they offer.  Part of my job is to highlight that for the company; by asking questions and planning the shoot carefully.  For example, if your beauty therapy business has an in-house pharmacy (meaning that you can produce and supply to your clients skincare treatments that nobody else offers) – you want to let people know about it.  Or you have invested in a particular piece of equipment (especially if you’re the first one in the region or, even better, the country, to be using it) – you want to let people know about it.  So, ‘procedural’ photos or images that demonstrate these things in action are important.

Think of health and wellbeing buildings and probably the first word that pops into your mind is ‘clinic’.  And associated with that comes clean, bright, smart, organised, hygienic – all qualities that you want to get across.

As I said in the first paragraph, I’m often contacted when a business is refreshing a website, or has relaunched.  So creating a bank of stock images that can be used as page backgrounds, on Instagram and Twitter feeds, as strip headers on subject pages, and so on, is something else I’m asked to do a lot of.  Ditto staff profile photos (and a high five to Pritesh below for not only demonstrating the torch and magnifying lenses headgear for me when I visited his hearing centre, but posing in it for a rather unusual profile photo).

If you work in these, or allied sectors, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the images I’ve posted above.  Similarly, if you’ve just invested in new premises, or equipment for your business to offer new services to clients, it would be worth chatting about how I could help you to promote these services.