It’s a terrible admission, but part of what makes me a good photographer, I think, is that I’m nosy.  When I’m taking portraits I ask questions, because I want to find out about a person, what they do and what makes them tick.  When I’m asked to shoot website imagery for a company, it’s the same thing – I ask questions, try to find out about the company, what represent them, and so on.  So when the phone rings and I’m asked if I’d like to photograph a luxury apartment development which has been built inside an old disused church …….  well, I jump at the chance.  Especially as the church is a short distance from home, I pass it most days, and I’m intrigued to see what it looks like inside!

Promat UK had supplied fire resistant windows to the interior of the development, and wanted their products photographing, as well as some general shots of the development, showing their products in situ.  So, to recap: photographs of clear glass windows (always an interesting proposition), approximately three storeys up, and some photos of luxury apartments kitted out and ready for sale.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to get started.

On entering the church, your first reaction is simply ‘Wow!’.  As you can see, they’ve emptied the church of pews and fittings, but kept the stained glass, organ and major features; then built in and around that to create the apartments.  The result is stunning.  Dark wood everywhere, shafts of light, stone and glass.  A stripped down palette, in terms of colours and textures, that really looks great.  And a design that manages to both contrast new and old, yet complement them too (in shape, colour and materials).

I’ve also included some shots of the finished apartments, to show further the contrast between modern and old.

trinity development delamer road altrincham luxury apartments interior of luxury apartment development at trinity church altrincham detail of interior apartment development at trinity church altrincham trinity church altrincham apartment development luxury apartment development trinity church delamer road altrincham detail of window installed by prompt uk in trinity development altrincham modern luxury apartment development inside old church detail of modern windows and organ pipes in apartment development in old church interior of apartment in trinity development altrincham luxury apartment interior in trinity development altrincham interior detail from trinity development altrincham stained glass in trinity apartment development altrincham modern window reflecting church interior trinity development altrincham modern bathroom interior modern apartment bedroom interior window detail trinity development altrincham

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