staff photography of new dental practice

Staff photography for a new local business – a great start to 2022!

Hopefully this job – my first of the new year, shot just a week into January – is a sign of things to come generally.  I was contacted by Dental Aesthetica, a new dental practice recently opened in Altrincham.  They had opened their doors at the end of 2021, despite the upset caused by lockdowns, Covid and the economic uncertainty  that followed in their wake.  Great to see people deciding that nothing was going to stop them from pursuing their dreams.  It seems to have been a fairly common thing throughout the two years of the pandemic for people to decide to go for it and start their own business – and all I can do is wish them the very best of luck.  There’s never really a good time to begin a business, so why not now?  Just go for it, I say.

In terms of the photography, it was a pretty standard ‘create some marketing material for the business’ brief.  Some staff headshots, which can be used to populate that brand new ‘About’ page of the website and Linkedin profiles.  And some group shots that might be used as a strap header across the website, and should hopefully be seen in articles and features as the publicity machine whirrs into action.  In this case, it was good to use that bright, shiny attractive reception area too – something that is easily recognisable as you walk past, and that fixes the business in the mind.

On this occasion, I created shots of the entire team – clinicians and admin staff – as well as shots of the clinicians in both workwear and civvies.  While at first glance the headshots appear very similar, they actually convey subtly different messages to the viewer.  Good to have that option to present yourself as professional, as a medical professional, but also as simply a nice person!

Dental Aesthetica can be found at 31a The Downs, Altrincham WA14 2QD and at

staff photography of new dental practice