I’ve been shooting headshots in Manchester recently that look a little bit different.

I’ve written many times of the essential elements of a good strong headshot.  The emphasis must be on the person and their expression.  That is key.  During any portrait session a great expression is the thing I’m working hardest to achieve (or ideally a handful of great expressions for you to choose from).  The lighting needs to be clean and clear, on the whole.  If you’re particulary ‘Arty’ we can work in some drama, maybe a bit of shadow to add mystery, but on the whole we want a well lit face with little distraction.  And the background should be unobtrusive.  On the whole, that means something plain.  Like the lighting, the background shouldn’t distract from the face and expression.  Spend five minutes browsing around this site and you’ll see plenty of examples of this kind of headshot.  They work.  They do their job well, and that’s why I shoot them that way.

But occasionally I’ll do things a little differently.

I’ve recently shot a series of staff headshots for the brand new Hampton by Hilton hotel in Shudehill, just outside Manchester city centre.  When I visited the hotel on a previous occasion, a feature wall in the reception stood out to me.  It was painted a beautiful, rich deep blue.  The staff were wearing blue-grey uniforms that blended well with it.  So, when I was asked to return to shoot headshots, it seemed like a good idea to use the wall.  Those elements I mention above are all present in these shots – the emphasis on the face and expression, the lack of distraction, simple lighting.  But that beautiful blue background acts to enhance those other elements.  It also ties the photos together and makes them look like a set.  Which is what great branding is all about.

headshots for Manchester hotel Hampton by Hilton

Does your team need new headshots?  Or are you a new business looking to convey your team spirit?  Then give me a call.