I’ve shied away from posting any event photography work for the past few weeks during Lockdown; as I won’t be shooting any for a long while in the future, it seemed pointless somehow.  But as restrictions are easing and we’re venturing out more, with the prospect of more businesses opening in the forthcoming weeks, and even venues returning to work in the not too distant future, it now seems more appropriate.

So here’s a lovely little event that I covered last year and which slipped through the net, missing being blogged about nearer the time.  The Cinnamon Club is local to me – a jazz and blues bar which puts on an eclectic range of events.  Mostly live music, there are also other things scheduled …. including an evening’s wine tasting evening.

I’ve worked in the space a few times over the years, and it’s an ‘interesting’ venue from a photographic point.  Which translates as ‘difficult’.  Despite being on the first floor, it’s designed to resemble a cellar jazz club.  So, the walls are painted black and thick curtains cover the windows.  Hence, it’s ‘interesting’ taking photos in there.  Not impossible, but certainly not for the faint hearted or somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

When I’m shooting an event like this I always make a point of asking what the outcome is for the photos.  The answer to my question will play a part in deciding how I approach the photography.  In a dark environment like this, I have two options: to work with the light available and go for shots that reflect the mood of the occasion; or add light to ensure that everything is well lit (which changes the mood, but which means technically ‘cleaner’ images – important if they’re going to be printed large, for instance).  On this occasion, mood was the one thing that owner Neil had requested.  So, the flashes stayed in the bag and I shot using only the ambient lighting, aiming to give a sense of what it was like to be in the room, and creating a set of impressionistic images – glimpses of what was going on, to reflect that darkness and moodiness of being in the jazz club.

wine tasting event at the cinnamon club presenter at the wine tasting event at the cinammon club

Until next time ……..