While I don’t consider myself a specialist fashion photographer, I’ve actually shot a lot of it over the years. That is, I’ve photographed people in clothes of all kinds, in such a way as to show off those garments in the best possible way. That’s included bridalwear, fashion, workwear and, as here, swimwear (or here).

On any of these shoots, the aim has always been the same. It’s to make the clothes look great, and to give a sense of how they look when worn. The principles are the same whether it’s swimming costumes or winter coats – to create a set of photos that show off the clothing from all angles, and to give you an impression of how you might look if you were wearing it.

These photos are from the archive, taken for a Stoke company that specialises in swimwear that utilises a special fabric that allows you to tan while wearing it – very clever! The shots are shot in the studio, against a plain background, for use in catalogues, on the website, for e-commerce and so on.

But that doesn’t mean that they have to be plain ‘record’ shots. With the use of a few props (a simple towel, or a straw hat) and great professional models, I was able to create a fun, holiday mood. Again, it’s all about giving the viewer the sense of what it might be like to be there, wearing those clothes. And where do you tend to wear swimwear? On holiday, of course. So that’s what we were trying to create – even though we were in a chilly studio in Newcastle-under-Lyme!

fashion photography shoot model in swimwear

Studio work can be tricky to get right; as can working with models to get the best results.  If you need any fashion photography (or workwear, swimwear …….. in fact, any kind of wear!), please do get in touch to talk about the project and to get a quotation.