Portraits for social media uses isn’t the best term to describe this style of photography, but to be honest I don’t have a better description!  You know the kind of thing though.  You’ve seen articles or blog posts where the author is pointing at something out of frame.  Or pointing at you, Lord Kitchener style.  Or holding a sign with information on it.  Or a load of other variations on this style.

The point is, if you regularly put content out there, then it’s very handy to have a bank of these shots available.

The expressions you choose or the gestures you make are up to you, the kind of work you do, or content that you produce and the kind of impression that you want to convey.  And they’re something that will be regularly updated and changed anyway.  But they’re massively adaptable, and work really hard for your business and getting the right message across.  All you need is a to think about the kinds of things you’re going to be posting about over the next few months, or – even better – work up the content in advance.  Then it’s as simple as arranging a session and we can get some shot.

As you can see, the emphasis is on clear, clean photos, against an uncluttered background.  If you have a funky office space, and it’s part of your brand, then take photos against those walls.  Otherwise, let me supply a pale backdrop that will make your designer’s life much easier to either cut you out or change the colour of the background (that photo down below started out as pale grey, not orange).  There’ll be plenty of negative space too, for dropping in graphics, text, illustrations, or whatever it is you want.

portrait for social media use shot against pale background with negative space for including text or graphics

As 2023 really starts to kick into gear, we’re all concentrating on our marketing.  This is a great, cost-effective way to get your message across.